Threaded Reducing Tee

Threaded Reducing Tee


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Threaded Reducing Tee

Use the AIRnet threaded reducing tee in the header or main line to connect a threaded fitting or accessory. A threaded quickdrop fitting that is female NPT thread can also be use and requires only a small hole to be drilled without the need to cut the pipe to install tee.

Part Numbers 2811100980 2811000980 2811200980 2811210980 2811420980 2811520980 2811650980 281760980 2811770980 2810820900 2810920900


The Pre Fit (PF) series offers pre-torqued fittings from 20-50 mm. reducing tee

A gentle push of the pipe into the fittings is all it takes. The connection is made within seconds!

threaded reduction tee airnetreducing tee threaded6 inch and 4 inch reducing teesmall diameter threaded tee

AIRnet is fast and easy to install and flexible for the future

Time and Tooling

  • Quick connections with no need to crimp, thread, solder or glue the pipe
  • No heavy tooling or machinery required
  • PF series and PM can be connected to any existing network via simple use of adaptor unions and nipple sockets
  • PF series is assembled by hand, a push of the pipe into the fitting is all it takes


  • Easy to handle and easy to work with lightweight materials
  • Modular design supports extensions and modifications to meet new demands
  • Components are interchangeable and reusable after disassembly
  • Quickdrops are easily mounted, both horizontally and vertically

FITTINGS 20 (3/4”) – 25 (1”) – 40 (1 1/2”) – 50 (2”) MM (PF SERIES)

20-50mm fittings

Push to fit technology

Engineered polymer PA6 – GF30 fiberglass reinforcement
Aluminum high pressure die casting EN AC-46100 (Similar to A03830)
Wrought aluminum alloy EN AW-6026 (Similar to alloy 6082)

NBR 70 Sh A (PTFE coating on pipe seal)

FITTINGS 63 (2 1/2”) – 80 (3”) MM (PM SERIES)


Torque to grip technology, pre marked

Aluminum high pressure die casting EN AC-43400 (similar to A360)
Wrought aluminum alloy 6082

NBR 70 Sh A 

FITTINGS 100 (4”) – 158 (6”) MM

large diameter airnet unions

Bolt clamp technology

Aluminum permanent mold casting EN AC-43100 (Similar to A13600)
Stainless Steel EN 1.4301 (Similar to alloy 304)

NBR 70 Sh A

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Diameter Aluminum

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