Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

AIRnet Systems compressed air pipe system install and assembly. Air Piping Solutions has Do-it-Yourself Kits for Compressed Air Dryer, Compressed Air Dryer with Bypass, Compressed Air Receiver, Compressed Air Receiver with Bypass and Compressor Connection.

AIRnet Installation Instructions and assembly guide

To make installations correct and safe, follow the instructions as described in the installation manual.

Check out videos on installing AIRnet Air Pipe Systems

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PF Series

Installation package

If you want to upload all the main AIRnet pipes and fittings in your AutoCad library, simply download this package and install it following the instruction file. You will also find a table containing main dimensions and weight of all AIRnet pipes and fittings. AutoCad library – Download

See below for the AIRnet planner and viewer software, you design your compressed air pipe system and the software will tell you exactly what aluminum pipes, compressed air fittings and type of system you will need.

airnet compressed air pipe system, aluminum air pipe

Installation of Ø 100 mm 4' AIRnet pipes

Pipes and fittings dimension drawing

This link is specifically for drawings of aluminum pipe and compressed air systems fittings. If you are looking to purchase view the Shop for AIRnet Fittings, Aluminum Pipe, Compressed Air Tools, and Installation Accessories.

airnet compressed air pip system

Installation of Ø 20-80mm 3/4'-3'

AIRnet Software

To visualize the installation, and offer the flexibility to adjust, modify and validate the future installation, we have developed the unique 3D software for you.

AIRnet Planner

Airnet Planner

More than just a presentation tool for our end-users, the AIRnet Planner provides a detailed structure and calculates the pressure drop in the system. Starting from the 3D design, the AIRnet Planner creates the bill of material, specifies the exact number of pipes needed, lists all required AIRnet fittings and calculates the assembly time.

AIRnet Viewer

Based on installation drawing created with the AIRnet planner, AIRnet viewer software will allow you to analyze how your future installation will look like.

Download your free version of AIRnet Viewer 24/7