AIRnet Aluminum Piping System

AIRnet is a fast, easy and reliable piping system, designed for compressed air, vacuum, and other inert gas applications from the source to the point of use with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Piping perfectly adapted

AIRnet is the premium piping solution to optimize your compressed air piping system. It allows easy sizing, planning and installation of a piping network, perfectly adapted to your needs. The lightweight materials and flexible design reduce installation and maintenance costs. AIRnet is the safe and reliable option, and the best investment choice you can make.

Optimal efficiency and performance

AIRnet is designed for minimal pressure loss and maximum energy efficiency. AIRnet aluminum pipes are corrosion free and have leak-proof connections that minimize friction to ensure a smooth flow throughout the network.

Maximum flexibility

AIRnet pipes and fittings can be connected to any existing piping network. AIRnet Aluminum Piping System has a vast range of interchangeable and reusable parts. AIRnet can be easily modified to accommodate extensions or capacity changes. This makes AIRnet Aluminum Piping System the future proofed choice offering maximum flexibility at the lowest cost.

Timing & Tooling

  • Quick connections with no need to crimp, thread, solder or glue the pipe
  • No heavy tooling or machinery required
  • PF series and Black Series can be connected to any existing network via
    simple use of adapter unions and nipple sockets
  • PF series is assembled by hand, a push of the pipe into the fitting is all it takes

Modular System

  • Easy to handle and easy to work with lightweight materials
  • Modular design supports extensions and modifications to meet new demands
  • Components are interchangeable and reusable after disassembly
  • Quickdrops are easily mounted, both horizontally and vertically

Optimized production,maximized energy efficiency and minimized total cost

The optimal piping network is sized, planned and installed to support  sustainable operational excellence in the production process. Material and product design, installation and maintenance costs; flexibility and safety. They all influence your total cost of ownership and the level of efficiency in your production.

If you are looking for a high performing and effortless system that can be customized to fit any production site, AIRnet will turn out to be the best investment choice you can make. It is a highend aluminum system specially designed to save the money that other piping systems spend.

Continuous Airflow

The AIRnet Aluminum Piping System is designed with leak-proof connections that prevent losses in flow and energy. Non-corrosive aluminum pipes and full-bore fittings ensure a smooth and sustainable flow throughout the network. Losses due to friction are reduced to a minimum.

Keeps Up the Pressure

Did you know that a pressure drop of 1 bar results in a 7% increase of your energy consumption? To avoid such losses you need to ensure that your piping system is properly sized, leak-free and retains the pressure. AIRnet is an engineered aluminum piping system that can be sized and planned to deliver the desired pressure for a variety of high performing applications.

Sustainable Air Quality

AIRnet is a non-corrossive, durable system that does not affect the quality of the gases transported. This minimizes maintenance costs and also costs related to protection of down stream equipment, processes and applications.

Dynamic Design

The ideal piping system can be connected to any existing network and it can be modified easily to meet any changes on the industrial floor. AIRnet answers these needs with a wide range of interchangeable and reusable fittings designed to support upgrades in layout and capacity. That makes AIRnet fast to install, easy to adapt and cost efficient.

PIPES 20 (¾”) – 25 (1”) – 40 (1 ½”) – 50 (2”) – 63 (2 ½”) – 80 (3”) – 100 (4”) – 158 (6”) MM


Compressed Air and Vacuum, Nitrogen, Helium, Argon, Neon, Xenon and Krypton


Extruded aluminum alloy EN AW-6060 T6 (similar to alloy 6063T5) EN 755-2 (ASTM B241)

Safety Factor

4 for all diameters (burst pressure) (Calculated according to ASME B31.1)


Blue RAL 5012 and Green RAL 6018 : only 20-25mm (3/4”-1”)


Lowest allowable pressure dewpoint is -70°C (-94°F)

Vacuum Level

13 mbar(a) (0.189 psia)

Working Temp

-20°C to 80°C (-4°F to 176°F)

Outside Treatment

Polyester powder paint (QUALICOAT certified)

Inside Treatment

Chrome free conversion treatment


Max 16 bar(g) (Max 232 psig)

FITTINGS 20 (¾”) – 25 (1”) – 40 (1 ½”) – 50 (2”) MM (PF SERIES)


Push to fit technology


Engineered polymer PA6 – GF30 fiberglass reinforcement Aluminum high pressure die casting EN AC-46100 (Similar to A03830)
Wrought aluminum alloy EN AW-6026 (Similar to alloy 6082)

Seal Fitting

NBR 70 Sh A (PTFE coating on pipe seal)

FITTINGS 63 (2 ½”) – 80 (3”) MM (BLACK SERIES)


Torque to grip technology


Engineered polymer PA6 – GF30 fiberglass reinforcement Aluminum high pressure die casting EN AC-46100 (Similar to A03830)
Wrought aluminum alloy EN AW-6026 (Similar to alloy 6082)

Seal Fitting

NBR 70 Sh A

FITTINGS 100 (4”) – 158 (6”) MM


Bolt clamp technology


Aluminum permanent mold casting EN AC-43100 (Similar to A13600)
Stainless Steel EN 1.4301 (Similar to alloy 304)

Seal Fitting

NBR 70 Sh A