AIRnet Advantage Optimal Piping System

AIRnet Advantage – Fast

The AIRnet Advantage saves you 70% on installation time vs. traditional piping systems

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Designing and installing a piping system used to be cumbersome, complex and above all: time consuming. Now, with AIRnet, you can get down to business in no time. Welcome to the fast lane. Welcome to the AIRnet Advantange.

Ready? Set? Done!

  • The lightweight AIRnet aluminum pipes and polymer fi ttings require no complex tools.
  • The pipes are easy to cut and the polymer fittings ensure a perfect alignment instantly.
  • AIRnet is adaptable to any existing pipe work.

You simply cannot beat the speed of AIRnet installation. Assembling a similar installation with traditional piping will take you more than three times as long.

Down with downtime

  • Unlike other piping systems, AIRnet does not require additional treatment such as painting. In compliance with industrial standards, AIRnet pipes are standard painted blue or green for simple network identifi cation.
  • The system can be pressurized immediately after assembly, limiting downtime to an absolute minimum.

AIRnet Advantage – Easy

3 simple steps: CUT to length and deburr, INSERT in the fitting on the marked depth, SECURE and tighten correctly

Why do things the hard way? With AIRnet there is no need for extra manpower. No complicated tools. In short: no-nonsense.

Two is a crowd

AIRnet Advantage Air Piping Solutions, Aluminum Tube, Aluminum Pipe, Compressed Air Pipe, Compressed Air Piping System, AIRnet Systems, Compressor Fittings, Compressor Filter, Compressor Dryer

While solid and robust, aluminum AIRnet pipes weigh five times less than galvanized pipes. That is why only one person is needed to safely handle and install them.

AIRnet can easily be installed by just one technician. Due to the heavy materials and the use of large and complex tools, traditional piping assembly requires at least two mechanics.

Aligned with the future

  • Future extensions to an AIRnet installation are just as easy. Additional piping is simply plugged into the existing network without additional modifications.
  • All AIRnet fittings and pipes can simply be reused after they have been disassembled.

No need for complex tools

The speed and ease of use of AIRnet has a lot to do with the absence of complex tools. No welding, gluing or crimping is required. Welding or lathe machines, as well as the necessary skills to use them, are a burden of the past. AIRnet tools are light-weight and easy to use. Traditional piping involves heavy machinery.

AIRnet Advantage – Reliable

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Fast and easy does not mean quick and dirty.

The right stuff

  • AIRnet consists of aluminum and polymers. These highly durable materials make it suitable for compressed air as well as for vacuum and Nitrogen gas.
  • The AIRnet piping system is resistant to corrosion, mechanical shocks, thermal variations and outdoor weather conditions.
  • Thanks to consistently clean quality air, AIRnet protects the downstream manufacturing process and contributes to equipment longevity.
  • The AIRnet leak-resistant connections offer superior sealing.
  • The low friction factor of aluminum and the seamless connections minimize pressure drop.
  • Thanks to the low pressure drop and bigger inner diameter, high efficiency is achieved.

 Optimized production, maximized energy efficiency and minimized total cost

The optimal piping network is sized, planned and installed to support sustainable operational excellence in the production process. Material and product design, installation and maintenance costs; flexibility and safety. They all influence your total cost of ownership and the level of efficiency in your production.
If you are looking for a high performing and effortless system that can be customized to fit any production site, AIRnet will turn out to be the best investment choice you can make. It is a highend aluminum system specially designed to save the money that other piping systems spend.