AIRnet Stainless Steel Solutions

Stainless Steel Solutions for Special Applications

Safe, solid and clean from start to finish.

In certain industries, material selection crucially contributes to the final quality of the end product. It may even have a direct impact on Health, Safety and Environment Regulations. As compressed air or vacuum are used for a variety of applications (sometimes including direct contact with the end product), the choice for the safest solution is decisive.
The preference for oil free compressed air systems is clearly understandable, but the selection of a piping system to ensure 100% oil free air delivery from the
generation to the point of use is as important. Therefore, AIRnet now introduces its brand new stainless steel piping system. Keeping in mind the stringent requirements of different industries, AIRnet Stainless Steel ensures 100% compliance with the highest quality standards.

Press Connection
The press connection is made by inserting the pipe into the fitting with reference to the marked insertion depth. The connection is created by pressing, using an approved press tool. We use a patented sealing ring with a lenticular profile which fits the press crimp groove.

The advantages:

  • 20% enlargement of the sealing surface area with a security seal ring minimizes the risk of accidents
  • Eliminates the risk of sealing ring being pressed out or damaged
  • The fit between the sealing ring and the groove makes the pipes insertion easier.

Stainless Features

  •  No corrosion, leak resistant and 10 year  guarantee
  • Press fit system ensures fast installation with minimal tools
  • No welding, no threading: just push & press
  • Silicone free system
  • FKM Seal (approved by all international regulating bodies for Pharma, F&B)
  • Can be used for clean room applications (316 L)
  • Considerable savings on the labor cost

In line with the high quality performance of the AIRnet product range, we provide our customers with a 10 year guarantee