Profile Channel for Installation

Profile Channel for installation

Profile Channel for Installation


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Profile Channel for Installation

Use the Profile Channel for installation of either the Aluminum or Stainless Steel piing systems.

AIRnet is a compressed air piping system that delivers quality air exactly where you need it, from compressor to the point of use.

  • Low friction and seamless connections of AIRnet minimize pressure drop. Effectively reduce the cost of ownership of your piping system.
  • Thanks to a smart design and low weight materials, AIRnet can be installed 70% faster than conventional systems.
  • AIRnet aluminum pipe and fittings are assembled in just a few steps by a single installer. No need for heavy machinery.

AIRnet is an extruded aluminum pipe that comes in sizes 20mm (3/4″)25mm (1″)40mm (1 1/2″)50mm (2″)63mm (2 1/2″)80mm (3″)100mm (4″) & 158mm (6″). From small spaces to large industrial manufacturing the system provides a lightweight design that has many advantages over traditional piping installation materials. Backed by a 10 year warranty the aluminum piping for compressed air will be one of the best investment choices made.

Aluminum is the ultimate choice for compressed air piping. Being resistant to corrosion, lightweight and easy to install the “Blue Pipe” has become a standard for a reason.

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