Reduction Tee PA Series

Reduction Tee PA Series


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Click-it brass plug connector

Simple, quick assembly for huge time savings
• Flexible system for simple release and reconnection
• Resistant O-ring made from NBR ensures complete impermeability, even if the air contains oil
• Large number of stainless-steel retaining claws hold the pipe securely in the plug Connectors

Series Parts:

  • 2813310780 Reduction tee D22 D15 D22
  • 2813320780 Reduction tee D22 D18 D22
  • 2813420780 Reduction tee D28 D18 D28
  • 2813430781 Reduction tee D28 D22 D22
  • 2813430780 Reduction tee D28 D22 D28


  • Working pressure range : 16 bar at -20 °C to ≤ +50 °C
  • Material: Brass
  • Free of Silicone


Additional information

Configuration (Left, Top, Right)

D22 D15 D22, D22 D18 D22, D28 D18 D28, D28 D22 D22, D28 D22 D28