Airnet Polyamide Air Piping System

Air compressor polyamide pipes for pneumatic tools

Even if you are working with a modest set of pneumatic tools, you still want to get the most out of your compressed air installation. Nobody likes pressure loss, contamination, leaks and plain inefficiency. For example, in a small workshop bad air flow and pressure drop can lead to inefficiencies in the final production, which can lead to financial losses.

Polyamide air piping installation is straightforward

A plastic piping system is ideal for these applications. You know you can rely on your pneumatic tools to work properly all the time:

  • Optimal airflow
    frictionless piping and seals, no leakage and minimum pressure drops
  • Performance for decades
    strictest quality control for highest product quality and reliability
  • Perfect air quality and production
    all piping material is corrosion and contamination-free

The plastic piping system is also modular which means you can easily add or move compressed air consumers at your disposal.

Push connect fittings are reusable and very easy to install. Very little tooling is needed to install the polyamide air piping system and the selection of fittings gives just about any configuration a possibility. Use with the complete AIRnet system of aluminum air distribution and point of use accessories for the ultimate, efficient, cost saving compressed air piping system on the market. 

Polyamide Air Piping is not the old plastic…new processes in manufacturing have made it possible for the cost effective solution to be used with compressed air without the hazards of PVC or other brittle material that can send fragments if burst. View aluminum or stainless steel piping solutions.

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