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AIRnet Order Tracking

Use the form below to track your order. Note that you can also find this information under the “My Account” section. If you have an account registered with us and use it when checking out. The account section will track all of your orders you can also down load invoices from that area.

In order to use the AIRnet Order Tracking from above you must use the order number sent with your original order and the email address you used when you checked out. If you do not have this information, check your spam folder or you can chat, call or email us and we will assist. 

Pipe Orders – If your order included any piping, it must go via motor freight. The carrier Por number will be provided as the tracking number. Many times we can not directly link to the tracking page for these companies so we suggest you copy the pro number and go directly to that carriers website and enter the tracking information there. The same process should be used if there are a large number of fittings that go over the UPS/FedEx weight limits. 

Here are some of the common carriers used:, Old Dominion, Southeastern Freight Lines

UPS/FedEx – The link we provide should take you directly to the website tracking page for your UPS or FedEx package. 

Order Status – We provide an order status in one of two ways. It is either processing or completed. When your order says processing, it means we have received it and it will be shipping but has not shipped yet. A completed order has been shipped and is scheduled for delivery to your address listed on the order. 

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